Firespotter Labs was founded in April 2011 by Craig Walker, John Rector, Brian Peterson, and Alex Cornell. With an initial investment of $3 million from Google Ventures, Firespotter released their first product, Nosh, in July 2011. Like Yelp for menu-items, Nosh allows users to rate and review individual dishes. It's a great way to share tastes with friends and answers the question "what's good here" when visiting a new restaurant. Nosh is available for the web, iPhone and Android. It also, strangely enough, possesses what Time Magazine calls the "best 404 page ever".  

Firespotter released their second product, Jotly, in December 2011 which quickly garnered much recognition for being one of the most vital apps ever to come into existence. Jotly, the app for "rating everything", allows users to grade anything from ice cubes to hiding spots on a scale from A+ to F-. Like other important and pivotal events of modern life, Jotly was featured on the frontpage of the Wall Street Journal in June 2012. Jotly is available for iPhone and Android.

Firespotter's third offering was NoshList, the free wait list application for the iPad. NoshList makes it easy to manage guest lists, track wait times, and send free text alerts to guest's mobile phones. Released in February 2012, NoshList sat one million diners in the first 75 days of operation. NoshList is free and available for the iPad

In May 2012, Firespotter launched their fourth product, ÜberConference, at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in NYC. ÜberConference took home first prize in the Battlefield competition. A free audio conferencing service with a visual interface, ÜberConference solves the most common problems faced in teleconferencing including making a conference easy to join, knowing who is participating, knowing who is speaking, and making advanced features easy to use. ÜberConference is available on desktop, iPhone and Android platforms. Follow the UberConference Blog for updates.

Firespotter closed a $15M Series B in July 2012 with Andreessen Horowitz and Google Ventures.