May 4, 2011

Firespotter Labs

Today we announced the creation of Firespotter Labs. I am beyond excited to get this going and to start building companies with this great group of people. So what is Firespotter Labs?

Do you ever ask yourself “wouldn’t it be great if…”, or “I hate it when…”, or “I wish there was…”?  We ask ourselves these questions all the time.  My mission as an EIR at Google Ventures was to ask these questions and find answers to them. There isn't always a good solution or a business to be made, but with our team of nimble, talented and scrappy developers and designer, we can quickly build a first version and test if it has any merit in the real world. When ideas gain traction, we can allocate even more resources and eventually launch them as their own companies. If they don’t, we’ll quickly scrap them, take what we've learned from the process, and apply it to our next effort in answering “why do I have to…”

Firespotter isn’t an incubator.  We aren’t looking for ideas or teams to back. We will instead be building products that we want to use ourselves and quickly get them out into the world.  The greatest thing about developing products these days is that you no longer need to invest a ton of money or resources to find out if your product has a chance.  

We feel we’re only in the first inning of a huge opportunity to leverage the social, cloud, and mobile experience (John Doerr's SoLoMo)...and that every business and service that is not changing the way it's working because of that, soon will or will be left behind.  We’re already working on a few ideas that we’re really excited about, stay tuned to see what comes next.

- Craig