May 5, 2011

Day 2

Wow, it was great to read all great coverage yesterday (NY Times, Techcrunch, All Things Digital, etc.) and we've been getting a ton of well wishes and emails from folks out there, so first and foremost we wanted to say thanks to everybody.  I also wanted to apologize in advance if we don't get back to you quickly as we're getting crushed with inbound email, notes, calls, etc.

Usually after a launch release there are lots of misconceptions that get started about what the company does, why they do it, etc.  Thankfully our coverage was pretty spot on, so not a lot of clarifications needed here...but I will give a few:)

First, Firespotter Labs is a place where we're going to build a bunch of products that we come up with and hope they take off and have enough interest to become their own successful companies.  We're already working on too many ideas to effectively develop today (more engineers please!).  As such, we're not an incubator in the sense that we would develop, fund or build other people's ideas or projects.  We've received tons of emails about this already and just wanted to clarify.

Second, we're not only aiming at "world changing" ideas.  We may actually work on some very small, but interesting, ideas...and some really oddball ones just for fun.  It keeps us sharp to crank on things that we find interesting, even if we're the only ones who find them interesting.  Also, we're interested in all sorts of things, so we're not limiting ourselves to any industry or particular need...ever.  Opportunities are everywhere and having the freedom to explore them is what Firespotter is all about.

Thanks for reading...we'll try to keep this blog somewhat current and hope to keep you all informed as to how things are progressing over here.

- Craig